*Want to rep your city or state?
*Make custom shorts with your state or any city of your choice.
*Pick and choose short sizes below.

***Enter the city or state of your choice at the checkout page.***

Once you get to checkout page, fill in all your personal information - shipping address, email, etc..... When your done filling in all of your personal info, at the bottom of the checkout page you will see a section that says "Summary". On this page you will see a line that says "NOTES OR INSTRUCTIONS" - fill in this line with the name of your city or state.

(X SMALL) *BUST=30-32|*WAIST=22-23(1/2)|*HIP=31(1/2)-33

(SMALL)*BUST=32-33|*WAIST= 23(1/2)-25|*HIP=33(1/2)-35(1/2)


(LARGE)*BUST=36-38|*WAIST=28-30 |*HIP=38(1/2)-40(1/2)

*4.3oz 30 single combed ring spun cotton
*Printed graphic.
*For best results please hang dry or tumble dry low.